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Pay what you use Mobile plans with global free roaming

With Adonis Voice, global means global! Low cost voice with no daily roaming charges and no data expiry - means savings.

On average we find that people pay for more than they ever use. Plans that include unlimited have strings that slow data rates when you hit 20GB or so. Further, most plans will charge you by the GB, resulting in you paying for 2GB, when you only used 1.2GB. We have also found that people pay for their plans never realising that they use WiFi more than LTE data. On average people using WiFi at the office, at home, and at hotspots, found they were only using 200 to 500MB at a cost of $8 to $15 dollars (Service providers approx RRP calculation) but were paying $59.95 each month without using the data. We also found that customers would often be paying for family plans with similar per user fees but the data was never used.

In testing we also found that customers were able to save around $30 per month, based on the same $59.95 per month plan, by simply being smarter with data.

Customers who travel also found that the removal of roaming fees on voice, as well as roaming fees on data, and the additional saving of roll over roaming data with no expiry, showed significant savings over traditional Mobile plans from competitors.

Services run in every country including China

Adonis Voice is truly global in its Mobile offering. With carrier agreements worldwide, Adonis Voice is able to provide service on every major carrier around the globe. From USA and Canada, UK, and Europe, India to China, Australia to New Zealand, Adonis Voice has every corner of the globe covered.

What's more we make sure that you do not pay roaming charges in any of these countries.* This means you only pay for the data and voice rates and nothing more, giving significant savings over traditional mobile plans.

Assigning a local number as an alias to the countries you travel, provides savings for your friends, family, people your visit, local companies, and your office too, as you can have local calls delivered without international toll calls.**

* Standard DID service fees apply
** Terms and conditions apply to allocation of DID numbers

WiFi Calling

With WiFi calling you get the best rates without data charges.

With our WiFi calling you can save money by saving data.* Use your WiFi at home, at friends, in your hotel, at cafes, or any other free or paid WiFi location.

Our WiFi network works with SMS, MMS, Voice Calls, Video Calls, and any other service we provide. WiFi VoIP services can even be used on GSM Data, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks so you never need to change the way you communicate.

WiFi network services can even be used on competitors data networks and plans so you can have the best of both worlds if you like the data plan you are on.

In poor GSM coverage areas, connecting to WiFi gets you back in contact and saves you paying for dropped calls.

WiFi is freely included with all our Mobile plans with call costs priced at the same low call rates.

All you need is our VoIP softphone with integrated messaging which we provide free with your connection.

* WiFi service fees, if any, are independent of Adonis Voice services, check with your WiFi provider if charge rates apply.


VoIP and Unified Messaging

Unlike traditional GSM services, Adonis Voice uses VoIP with integrated Messaging to provide you with a single location to access your communication needs.

Using VoIP and unified messaging allows you to SMS, make and receive Video calls, traditional calls, operate a 3 party conference call, and/or transfer calls to someone else.

Our service also hosts a range of other business grade PBX/Centrix functions like IVR, followme, and more.


Bring your own device, or choose from our selection.

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Data sync

We offer, on all plans, cloud sync for your bookmarks, notes, contacts, calendar, and documents on all smart devices, directly controlled though your account login. Edit, share and collaborate on documents on the go from your phone, tablet, or computer using everyday compatible apps like nextcloud. Fully Wifi and mobile data compatible.


DID's for the best of breed services

Digital ID's (DIDs), phone numbers that exist in pure digital form, allows for ease of movement between carriers. What's more, DID's allow us to plug you into the best services available, such as VoIP, WiFi calling, MMMessaging, and more. With Adonis Voice you can attach any number, to your mobile from any location.

Services are often constrained by traditional Telco hardware, with Adonis Voice, we break the chains and free you to run business grade services assigned to Mobile devices allowing you to have these services now, not in several years.

Terms and conditions apply to allocation of DID numbers


LevelizedPay ‘averages’ your phone costs to smooth out the highs and lows of your bills. With LevelizedPay, you make regular direct debit payments of the same amount. LevelizedPay is based on what you use, so lows become credits to cover the highs. What’s more, you never need to worry about settle-up, as the billing amount is re-calculated every month on a rolling average eliminating the need to settle up annually. Reconciliation will only be necessary if you move service.*

Choose from LevelizedPay, prepay, or Pay what you use. Adonis Voice has no fixed term contracts, so feel free to switch to the plan that works for you best at anytime with no penalty.*

* Terms and conditions apply

No fixed term contracts

Adonis Voice believes in freedom of choice. We have no fixed term contracts allowing you to switch to the best package for your needs at any time. Choose from prepay or LevelizedPay with no penalty for switching, to help you save money and put your money to better use based on your needs as they change. All packages come with free global roaming and pay what you use as standard.

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